Free Tools

All programs listed below are free for both private and commercial use.They can be used directly from USB memory or CD/DVD/BluRay disc.The programs are designed for Windows platform but can also be run on ReactOS and Linux (using Wine).

Binary Xtractor

Binary Xtractor allows you to extract files of popular type (like GIF,JPG,BMP) from other files, even those of unknown type.

Dual Player

Dual Player is a tool you can use to compare 2 sound files in order to find differences in them

Mail Exporter

Do you need to export all your emails from your favourite mail client? You found your tool!

Measure Me

In case you need a program to measure things on your screen. Especially useful for web development

Sleepy Timer

Do you tend to fall asleep in front of your computer and don't want your computer to stay on? Try this

Textart Viewer

Texart is a picture "drawn" using text- letters, digits, puncation marks and such. Textart Viewer is the easiest program to display textart pictures

Timestamp Me

Timestamp Me is a tool to insert current time/date in any opened program

Web Shooter

Web Shooter is a tool which allows you to take a screen shot of a website

WWW Saver

Screensaver which can display any website you wish when you do nothing on your computer

Pure RSS Reader

Pure RSS Reader is an RSS/Atom feed reader with very low CPU and memory usage

Quick Shooter

Quick Shooter is a tool to take screen shots of windows, regions or entire screen.