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We are often required to use passwords. For security reasons, each must be different and should be made up of random letters and numbers. Remembering that the amount of information can be difficult. The program helps our memory. With this tool you can encrypt all your passwords and securely store them on your computer or pendrive.

ZAiD is a password manager is an easy-to-use yet useful application. The program allows you to enter passwords and encryption them into a single password protected file. It's database cannot be read without a password. The program can be saved on a floppy disk or USB flash drive and can be used everywhere- at home, work, internet cafe. It is safe to use even if someone is looking at your monitor! Just when the program starts, select 'Asterisk passwords'. Now you can go, for example, visit your favorite forum. When the forum aska for a password- just find a cell with the password in Zaid and press the left mouse button. Password will be copied to the clipboard and can be pasted in the forum. During the entire operation the password is never displayed on the screen in plain text!

The program can also generate passwords, which you can use for example when registering an e-mail account. Passwords are generated in three ways:

You can also check the strength of your passwords- just press Ctr + U. The program will tell you how much time is needed to crack the password using brute force method on a computer with CPU power similar to your PC.

Of course you can change your password and export the database to a plain text file (CSV, HTML) and search for records containing any phrase.