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Software portfolio

During a dozen years of our activity, we have completed many projects for Polish and foreign clients.We have our share in the success of many international companies. We are always open to new cooperations.

Range of services

Web Applications
We create websites of all types, from typical business card pages to portals and specialized websites.
Selling on your own website does not have to be complicated. We offer simple solutions that add the "basket" function to the described products, and full-size online stores.
Do you want to create a large portal, serving thousands of users and offering various types of content? We are happy to help!
The Web application is a program that works directly in the browser. The user does not need to install anything on his computer and can immediately start using the program.
GUI programs for Windows, console applications for Linux - say what you need and together we will achieve your goal

What does the creation process look like?

We can make any type of website. Starting from simple pages like "Business card", through galleries, online stores, portals and specialized software running in an Internet browser. You want to create a social platform and compete with Facebook, you need a photo or video editor working in the browser, you're interested in the auction platform - we can do it.
No matter what project we implement, it always happens in three stages:

Requirements Tell us your visions, concepts and requirements regarding the appearance and functionality of the website. We promise to put your ideas in the most clear and simple form possible.

Preliminary pricing We pre-value the project based on your requirements and expectations. No additional and hidden costs. The cost is in a narrow price range. You decide if you sign the contract or resign.

Creation This is the most creative part and takes the most time. Depending on the project, it can take days or even months. We believe we can create something that you'll be satisfied with and we'll be proud of!

Our clients about us

Creating our portal was not an easy undertaking. Many companies refused and said they don't create such large-scale sites. Others quoted us for millions. ZIIN has implemented our project in a few months without any problems and at a reasonable price.

Software for Windows

Easy Hash
Data verification tool with support of 130+ hashing algorithms, including crc-32, sha-1, md-5. Allows user to find file duplicates, change admin password on Wordpress, Joomla, phpBB powered websites, crack CRC32 checksums and verify credit card numbers.
Kashmir Web Editor
Fast and simple webpage editor with syntax highlighting. Shows PHP function parameters and names suggesstions, HTML and PHP code templates and code-page convertors. Comes with built-in HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, CSS and PHP manual.
Other software
Our other programs. Amongs them, a screen saver which can display a website, RSS feed reader, a tool to compare audio files, exporter for Outlook messages, ASCII Art reader, on-screen ruler to measure screen elements, file type guesser and more.


The calculator below allows you to determine the approximate cost of a website. If you would like to order software for Windows / Linux, please contact us for a quote.
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