All programs listed below are free for private use. Some of them are also free for commercial use.They do not require installation and can be used directly from USB memory or CD/DVD/BluRay disc.The programs are designed for Windows platform, but can be run also on ReactOS and Linux (using Wine).

Easy Hash

Data verification tool with support of 130+ hashing algorithms, including crc-32, sha-1, md-5. Allows user to find file duplicates, change admin password on Wordpress, Joomla, phpBB powered websites, crack CRC32 checksums and verify credit card numbers.

Kashmir Web Optimizer

File compression utility for use with web page files (html, css, js, png, gif, jpg). Achieves compression level at 80% without loosing quality. Compression ratio is customizable for each of file types.

Kashmir Web Editor

Fast and simple web page editor with syntax highlighting, PHP function parameters and names proposals and code templates. Comes with built-in PHP manual.


This tool can recognize file type and which program can be used to open it, even when the file has no extension or invalid one. Recognizes hundreds of file types. Works instantly.


This password manager lets you store passwords to your programs and websites. Your data is safe even when someone looks over your shoulder.

Image Deduplicator

Image duplicate finder. Detects duplicates saved in different formats. It supports over 30 image types. Has configurable similarity ratio. One of the fastest programs of this type on the market.

Matroska Unpacker

Archive and subarchive extracting application. Supports 7zip, zip, rar, tar, gzip. Very easy to use and fast in action.

Easy Subtitle Converter

Subtitle converter. Supports tens of file types. Automatically detects fps value used in movie files.

Website Switcher

Utility designed for Apache Web server to switch between web pages while working on localhost. Thanks to it you can have many projects at the same address.