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A hash is a number calculated by a hash function. Thanks to it we can check (with a high probability) if a given file or message is damaged and whether two files are identical or different.

Easy Hash is a hash generator. It supports over 180 hash algorithms and checksums for both files and messages.

You can use it with a CD / DVD and USB memory. It does not save anything outside it's own directory andd doesn't need to write to the Registry.


Supported algorithms

Adler-16 Adler-32 Adler-8 AP Hash APHash (b) BKDR Hash BLAKE-256 BLAKE-512 CARP CityHash CK Sum CRC DNP CRC-16 CRC-16 CCITT (0x1D0F) CRC-16 CCITT (0xFFFF) CRC-16 IBM CRC-16 Kermit CRC-16 LHA CRC-16 Modbus CRC-16 Sick CRC-16 X.25 CRC-16 XModem CRC-24 CRC-32 CRC-32 Bzip2 CRC-32 Jamcrc CRC-32 Posix CRC-32 ZModem CRC-32C CRC-64 CRC-64 ECMA-182 DEK Hash DJB Hash Easy Text Hash ECOH ELF Hash Fast Syndrome Based Hash FCS-16 FCS-32 Fletcher 16 Fletcher 32 Fletcher 8 FNV-0 FNV-1 FNV-1a FORK-256 GHash 3 GHash 5 GOST R 34.11-94 Grostl HAS-160 HAVAL 128 HAVAL 160 HAVAL 192 HAVAL 224 HAVAL 256 JH JHash JS Hash Keccak (removed) Luhn MD2 MD4 MD5 Murmur Hash Murmur Hash 2 MySQL 3 One at a time Panama Pearson Hash PJW Hash RadioGatĂșn RIPEMD-128 RIPEMD-160 RIPEMD-256 RIPEMD-320 RS Hash Sapphire 128 Sapphire 160 Sapphire 192 Sapphire 224 Sapphire 256 Sapphire 288 Sapphire 320 SDBM Hash SHA-0 SHA-1 SHA-224 SHA-256 SHA-384 SHA-512 Size64 Snefru Sum BSD Sum System V Sum-16 BSD Sum16 Sum24 Sum32 Sum64 Sum8 SWIFFT Tiger/128 Tiger/160 Tiger/192 Whirlpool-1 Whirlpool-2 XOR16 XOR32 XOR8 XUM 32
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Generating CRC-32 checksums unders Windows XP
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